Tuesday, April 13, 2010

joyce manor - constant headache :: review

the second show roman candles ever played was with joyce manor at the echo curio. they were still playing acoustic then, and it was just barry and chase on acoustic guitars. i saw them a few more times, and played a couple more shows with them. right before i left for school they started playing electric, and i still haven't had a chance to see them since they made the switch. although i liked there older recordings, nothing really did them justice.

'constant headache' feels like joyce manor's first attempt to showcase their talent. with five songs under ten minutes the e.p. grabs your attention right from the start, squeezes hard, and doesn't let go. 'five beer plan' gives the listener a little breathing room in the middle of the e.p. with a slow bass line before picking back up and ending strong with 'leather jacket,' which happens to be my favorite song on the album. this is really solid pop-punk. it's got all the hooks in all the right places, and enough catchy phrases to bare repeating. i dare you to listen to this only one time: it's impossible.

the band has plans to release this on a 7", but for now you can download it here. make sure to donate . . . the more money we toss their way the sooner they'll have money to record a full length.

rating 5/5

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