Saturday, April 17, 2010

Record Store Day

today is the third annual record store day. the first year i got to see limbeck and the silversun pickups play acoustic for free at fingerprints in longbeach. last year i saw the crystal anlters play fingerprints, and then roman candles had a show at pehrspace for elaine layabout's hella hipster hoedown with leslie and the badgers, mississippi man and the cobra lillies. this year also happens to be cal day, and cold war kids are playing on the steps of doe library at four o'clock. that should be a lot of fun.

i picked up a few things at amoeba today.

first i got a split 8" with andrew jackson jihad and mischeif brew. they each play acoustic and electric versions of each of their songs.

i also picked up a copy of best coast's ppm 7".

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