Monday, April 19, 2010

Les Blanks/Le Switch - Storefront Split 7 inch review

le switch's new song 'how we imagined it' feels a little different then their older catalogue of songs. it seems more upbeat, but lacks the trumpet and violin that maria use to provide. however, the piano seems to fill that void. so with that in mind, the new song almost seems like a natural progression for the band. i'm interested to see how the rest of their songs will sound when they put out their full length.

les blanks 'straw man' sounds exactly like what i thought the new batch of les blanks songs would sound like. it rocks. it builds off of their previous full length 'shoot the horse.' they have a new full length titled 'in country' coming out soon, and i hope the rest of the songs are as good as this.

these two bands make a lot of sense together, and both songs seem to really fit nicely. they are both piano driven rock n roll songs that make for a wonderful release. you can download the songs here. they are playing their record release show on april 30th at casey's in los angeles.

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