Friday, January 21, 2011

sourpatch - crushin'

sourpatch have been on my radar for a couple of months now, and i finally got around to listening to their full length album crushin'. they're a girl/boy twee pop band from san jose, ca. greatly inspired by rose melberg's tiger trap and go sailor 90's pop bands, sourpatch manages to take their influences and make them new and relevant. these are some really catchy songs. they made me want to start a twee pop band.

thirteen tracks in under a half hour this record makes for a really good investment. stand out tracks include fun where the lead singer sings "i know about your rough past." i love the singers voice - it fits so well with the guitars. the title track crushin' lets us know that "you knew not to get so attached/it was meant to break up anyway." teenage pop at it's best. in outer space we get some of the male vocals and a really great guitar line with some ooh ooh oh's. but the best song on the album is the closer i want you either way. see for yourself with their music video for the song. for a copy of the album email: available on cd and lp.

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