Saturday, January 8, 2011

TOUCH AND GO: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine '79-'83

Here it is . . . the zine that brought us reviews of punk at it's earliest compiled together in one big ass book. all 22 issues are here in a little under 600 pages. with intoductions from tesco vee, dave stimson, corey rusk, ian mackaye, henry rollins, keith morris and more this is one of the greatest things i've ever read. reviews of early issues of sub pop and maximum rock n' roll stood out. the review of the nervous breakdown is pretty amazing as well. these guys don't hold back ripping on everything that sucked and telling it like it was. the writing style is kind of the best too; not afraid to talk about boners boobs and blowjobs. i wish this zine was still around. the re-readability level on this thing is pretty high too. everytime i pick it up again i feel like there was something i missed the first go around. this should be required reading.

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