Thursday, January 6, 2011

Audacity 7"

Audacity have released three split 7" with thee makout party, pterordacdudes, and darker my love respectively, but this is the first 45 they have all to their own, and it's great. their song writing has improved drastically. the first song 'ears and eyes' is the best they've ever written. at this point audacity have released enough music that they have their own sound. with that in mind, 'don't be a menace' sounds like classic audacity - fast spastic and punk. the flip side is just as good. 'innocent child' is really catchy. the guitars vs. the drums on 'what not to do' sounds like an epic battle. not to mention the artwork looks like graphics from zombies ate my neighbor which is pretty much the coolest. this is a great record so don't miss out. by far the best thing this band has done. this is a split release by volar, and i hate rock and roll.

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