Tuesday, January 11, 2011

back work and coastlines @ the santa rita house 1.11.11

there was a house show in berkeley tonight at this place called the santa rita house. back work played first. it was just instrumental guitar and drums. they sounded just like a jam band. i think they said this was their first show. they didn't really do anything for me.

this was the second time i saw coastlines. i liked them a lot more this time. they have this really awesome rock opera thing going on with live painting and lights. it's pretty epic stuff. they played as a six piece tonight. the only bummer was that i couldn't really hear the trumpet, but the lead guitar sounded way better tonight then it did the first time i saw them. they've been on tour for two weeks now, and you could tell they seemed well practiced. maggie, their keyboard player has stolen the show for me both times. i've never really seen anyone play rock n roll piano as good as she does. she's untouchable. check these guys out they're great.

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