Thursday, October 7, 2010

joyce manor/summer vacation split 7"

muy autentico records just put out a split 7" by two of my favorite bands. joyce manor picks up where constant headache left off with holiday heart, a minute long pop punk slam dunk. in a change of pace, the bass player, matt, takes lead vocals on my elise. i really like this song a lot - especially the guitar solo at the end. they finish their side with dfhp? barry's vocals are super catchy: "can you climb on the roof/can you yell at the sky/can you see in the dark/can you stay up all night." summer vacation kick off their side with super orgy, a poppy jam filled with na-na-na's. i really like the dual vocals on don't panic, but summer vacations best song on this release is definitely the closer the many faces of mental chillness when mark sings, "you're a blessing/you're a curse/i hope we never marry/ i hope we never see each other again." barry did the artwork which looks great. these are limited to 300: 150 black/150 opaque yellow. i have the yellow vinyl it looks rad. grab these before they're gone!

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