Friday, October 29, 2010

the dig and the henry clay people @ bottom of the hill 10.28.10

i missed most of the dig's set arguing about why 'the monitor' is the best album of 2010. i'm pretty sure i won the argument. however, i did catch their last two songs where they were joined onstage by joey, eric, and andy of the henry clay people. one of the songs was a neil young cover, and the other was an original. they both sounded great. the henry clay people didn't go on until after 11 seeing that this was their first headlining tour. i had to catch the bart though, so i didn't get to watch their whole set but what i saw made me very homesick. they opened with 'end of an empire' before going straight into 'nobody taught us to quit.' they then played 'rock in roll lost its teeth' which i had requested earlier in the night because for some reason its been stuck in my head and i've been singing it for the last two weeks. after that they played 'slow burn' which is hands down the best song on their latest album. at this point i told them i had to catch the bus and could only listen to one more song. i asked them if they could play 'andy sings' or 'can't hardly wait.' joey asked the audience if they wanted a shitty old song or replacements song, but they went with 'andy sings.' i guess they don't really play it anymore. as i was leaving they were about to start 'saturday night.' i am sure the rest of their set went as well as what i got to see. even though i only watched five songs, they reaffirmed its status as my favorite band.

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