Wednesday, November 3, 2010

crystal antlers - summer solstice

the new crystal antlers song sounds awesome. i love the new direction. they are one of my favorite local bands (one of the few that made not feel so embarrassed about being from orange county), and i have been following them for what seems like forever now after seeing them play with bronco tatonka at the santa fe cafe years ago, i wound up buying their first 7". their newest 7" was the first record i ever reviewed for this site, and i'm really stoked that they're still making music. got this email from them today seeing that i'm on their mailing list. here is what it said:

Hey there friends,

It's been a while since we've last reached out. We went to Mexico early in the year and spent a little over a month in a barn writing new songs for our second record. When we got back we decided to premiere 3 of those songs with Room 205, our friends practice space hosted by Incase.

Take a minute and check it out the first of them here:

This song is titled Summer Solstice. The songs Knee Deep and Seance will be posted to the site on Nov. 8th and Nov. 15th.

We're currently mixing the record and making some decisions on how best to release it. Sadly, Touch and Go Records, our brief home, has shut it's doors for good and will not be involved this time around.

Hope you like the song and make sure to check back on the site or follow us on twitter to catch the other two when the premiere.

Twitter: @crystalantlers (new site coming December 2010)
our email:

Thank you to Michael Videothing for the visuals and to you for listening/watching.


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