Friday, November 5, 2010

big kids - hoop dreams

big kids' debut full length, hoop dreams, is one of the best albums of the year. hailing from oakland, california this band has a guaranteed place in my top ten if not top five favorite albums of the year. i immediately fell in love with this band upon first listen. there is something very positive about their sound that i don't know how to describe. before i got the album i just listened to the three songs they have on their myspace on repeat for weeks. lyrically this album is very hopeful. in 'parents are still a handful' jason sings "this time we'll do it right," with a constant look to the future without ignoring the present. the back and forth between both vocalists is perfect - i love it. my only complaint with the album is that it's too short. it's only eight songs long, one of which is instrumental. but because it's so short i just keep listening to it on repeat. it's by far the best debut i've heard from any band in recent memory; a perfect introduction. it's currently out of print on cassette from mountain man records which is a bummer because the packaging alone on the release is worth it. this label is currently one of my favorites, and lucky for you i think they're repressing it. they're also releasing a split 7" between big kids and koalacaust which should be awesome. the vinyl version of hoop dreams can be purchased from top shelf records.

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