Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the lovely bad things - shark week

out of the ashes of curmudgeon comes the lovely bad things with their debut full length, shark week. the album begins with a moody instrumental intro before kicking it into high gear with "my kin." lead singer camron ward's vocals are super grungy painting a picture of 90's seattle teenagers dressed in flannel. bass player lauren curtis' ooh's become an instrument of their own, almost defining the sound of the album as well as the band - they're haunting and i like them. the catchiest song on the album which rounds out the A side is "cult life" which gets stuck in my head for days at a time. i can't help but sing along with, "there’s nothing like losing out so long/to the bad things, to the bad things i’ve done wrong/i’m leaving this place it’s not for me/please tell me, please tell me who are we?" On the B side 'surfing on skulls' has a really rock 'n' roll feel to it, making it really stand out. however, it's 'big sur' that has the catchiest guitar line on the whole album. not to mention lauren's vocals towards the end of the song almost remind me of bjork which rocks. tim hatch sings on the albums closing track showcasing the bands diversity. available on cassette tape from ultra vivid recordings, i think the label has one left so hop on it because they're hand numbered and limited to 50 and trust me you want one! for fans of the pixies, this is a great introduction to a promising young band. the artwork is by drummer brayden ward and is totally rad.

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