Saturday, October 23, 2010

graf orlock, ghostlimb, godstomper, violent ruler, no statik and what we do is secret @ 924 gilman st. 10.22.10

it was nice to go back to gilman. my friend manny and i took the bus there. again, the public transportation in the bay area is my favorite thing about living up here. the show was supposed to start at 7:30 and we showed up a little after 8, and there were only like three people there so i didn't think the turn out was going to be too good, but i guess everyone knows to show up late because it didn't actually start unitl about 8:30. what we do is secret played first. they were okay, nothing about them really stood out. but they have potential. unfortunately no germs covers.
no statik played second. they were a female fronted hardcore band. they rocked a lot. their lead singer was very confrontational and was in the crowd the whole time(no one was safe). they were cool, i can't find a myspace for them though, but they're worth checking out if your research skills are better than mine.
the third band that played was called violent ruler. they got added to the show last minute. the lead singer said he was high on mushrooms. the guitar player had some technical difficulties to begin with, but managed to fix whatever was wrong by the second song. the other guitar player shredded though, so i would see them again.
godstomper was pretty funny. first of all their name is really brutal. second of all, before they played their drummer came out and perfectly sang luther vandross's 'always and forever'.
they were really awesome though. they are just two brother who thrash. it's drums and bass and sounded really cool. they talked too much between songs though which was kind of annoying.
i've only seen ghostlimb maybe one other time, but they really really good. the guitar player said they haven't played gliman in three years but that it was good to be back. he had problems with his guitar at first but once he got it started they jammed. this kid with a dead kennedy's shirt on was heckling the band the whole time. saying things like, "is this what all l.a bands are like." "oh my god cutest band in l.a." and finally the bass player was like i'm from san mateo. and the kid was like "san mateo sucks." and this went on the whole show. by ten minutes into their set everyone hated this kid, and the guitar player was like "ya know, he's alright. he's a little rough around the edges, but high school can do wonders for kids." the kid was like "what's the name of your band." the guitar player said, "we're the dead kennedy's but with a different singer." one dude that was standing behind the amps got so frustrated with the kid he just threw his water bottle at him. it was sadly funny. i thought the back and forth banter was hilarious. but because i was so entertained by that i didn't pay too much attention to ghostlimb's set. however, the do fucking rock and i wish i was more familiar with their recorded music.
graf orlock is one of my favorite hardcore bands. i remember when i first started going to hardcore shows, i hated most of them because i could never tell what the singer was saying and therefore was always somewhat bored, and unimpressed. but graf orlock changed that for me. from then on out i needed more from hardcore. or maybe i just loved the novelty, i'm not sure. either way, they fucking kill it. cinema grind at it's finest. "captives of the thuggee" was my favorite song last night. i love this band, and anyone who hasn't seen them live needs too.

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