Monday, June 14, 2010

our noise: book review

our noise: the story of merge records - the label that got big and stayed small written by john cook, mac mccaughan and laura ballance came out last year on algoquin books. it covers the first twenty years of merge records in fourteen chapters. this is the most enjoyable book i've read in a really long time. the interviews offer a look into one of the most important record labels of our time. the beginning of the book made me nostalgic for everything 90's. with full color pictures, you immediately enter a world of yesteryear. these pictures include everything from superchunk setlists, show flyers, personal letters, intimate postcards, and even record invoices. the pictures alone are worth the cost of the book. and with whole chapters dedicated to butterglory, neutral milk hotel, spoon, and arcade fire there is really something for everyone. the book is definitely re-readable making it completely worth investing in. the story ends in a world where the music industry is completely changing due to digital downloads, poor record sales, and dying major labels. however, it offers hope for the independent labels like merge whose only business tactic has been to put out records they love. highly recommended. purchase here.

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