Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the henry clay people:: record release show @ spaceland 6.8.10

the hectors played opened the show. they were solid female fronted rock. she used a violin bow to play her guitar on some of the songs which was pretty cool. they ended their set with a cover of the monolators song 'lets be best friends in space' which sounded really awesome. i would see them again. olin and the moon played second. they took way too long to sound check. i thought their set was really boring. they played for about four songs too long, and the lead singer who had no charisma talked way too much. they're not bad though. people were definitely into them. they're just not for me. the henry clay people opened their set with 'fine print.' they played an awesome set drunkenly celebrating the release of their new record 'somewhere on the golden coast.' they played all the songs on the album, and they all sounded really good. they ended their set with a cover of the boss' 'born to run,' before playing a four song encore. they ended the night with 'somewhere in the water.' they played a really fun set.

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