Tuesday, June 1, 2010

nails and creatures @ the cabin 5.31.10

the cabin is this really awesome house in garden grove. the bands played in the living room, and the sound was surprisingly good. there were probably a good seventy people at the show yesterday. we showed up a little bit late and missed the first band, but we got there just in time for nails. nails is really heavy. they do more as a three piece then some hardcore bands do with five people. there was not a lot of room for dancing, but kids seemed to make the most of what little floor space they had and really go off. i would love to see nails again; they're a great band. creatures had members from downpresser filling in on guitar and drums. they played a few new songs off their upcoming 7". there were kids who knew every word to every song, which was really cool. i've seen creatures play better shows in more appropriate settings, but seeing them play in a house was awesome. this show made me want to listen to more hardcore.

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