Monday, June 21, 2010

Off With Their Heads - In Desolation

off with their heads return with twelve new songs. "in desolation" is nothing we haven't heard before. owth's seem to have a formula for writing songs, and they stick to that. therefore, many of their songs sound the same. regardless, their songs rock. each song is a little punk anthem that you want to be singing along to with your friends. i think people were worried that this album might suck because they signed to epitaph, but honestly it seems really similar to from the bottom, so chances are if you liked their last full length you'll probably like this one. the one song that catches my attention as being different is 'my episode' which is this slow punk ballad with piano in the background. in the song ryan young sings "i'm just happy right now that your arms are around me." and in thirty-five minutes, off with their heads deliver another album that makes me excited about punk again.

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