Friday, February 13, 2015

Fury: Kingdom Come 7"

After shelling out a six-song demo tape on Mosher's Delight that had the whole world dancing to Big Al's Beat these kids took their songs to the road opening up for Soul Search for over a month before releasing their first 7" on BBB Records. The A-side of Kingdom Come runs out with guns blazing: fast-as-fuck, angry hardcore that's also a little vibey, and more pissed off than anything on the demo. I really like the contrast with the B-side, which has two longer songs more influenced by NYHC. I think the B-side shows a lot more depth and could potentially preview where this band is headed in the future. The artwork is killer too. Super powerful image. The best thing to come out of Yorba Linda in 2014. Do yourself a favor. Pick it up. It's already more than half way through it's first pressing. 

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