Sunday, February 22, 2015

Canyons: No Man Is An Island E.P.

This is Canyons' second five-song cassette e.p. No Man Is An Island is a document of the band at a specific time with a specific line-up which unfortunately no longer exists. After this was recorded both Maegen and Garrett would end up leaving the band. However, this is finally seeing the light of day on #diy4lyfe records. And the band has continued on with a new line-up. These five songs are really gorgeous representations of what the band is capable of. Nick's drumming is amazing. Maegen's voice is beautiful. Jeremy's guitar tones are spacey. The songs are long-winded. But they vary. They have highs points and low points. The spacing and the sequencing is well done. I hope someday this band gets their act together enough to put out a full length, and tour on it because when they're good they're really good. It would be sad if this was the last thing they ever put out. 

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