Saturday, June 11, 2011

media blitz record release show @ pepz pizza 6.10.11

i went to pepz pizza in la habra last night to celebrate the release of media blitz's new 7" a voice of our own. pepz was pretty awesome, it was a great place for a punk show. pizza, beer, galaga, and music: what more could one ask for? plus the show was free to boot. the shrills played first. they were pretty fun lo-fi surfy garagey i don't know. they sounded like audacity and a lot of other bands around right now, but they were fun nonetheless. they had three guitar players, i'm not sure if that was completely necessary, but they got surprisingly rowdy. i hung out outside for the next two bands, i just didn't really care. i'm not sure who played, and i'm not sure if i really missed anything. media blitz played a really fun set. they played 18 songs. jason said it was the longest set they've ever played. by the end he looked tired. they played new songs from the 7", and they sounded great. i really liked "drown me" and "don't slow down". kids were stagediving off the arcade games. it was pretty funny. they ended with a cover of "fight for your right" which was awesome. there was cake, balloons, and party hats. it was definitely a celebration, and the attendees got down.

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