Saturday, June 4, 2011

archers of loaf @ the troubador 6.3.11

i went to ameoba last night with riley and sold all my cd's back. got $122 so i was really stoked. then we drove down santa monica to the troubador only to spend 30 minutes looking for parking. eventually, we wound up parking behind this flower shop. their only sign said, "no parking: violators will be washed and waxed at owners expense." rad! we headed to pavillions to grab some beer. drank it behind this restaurant and walked inside the venue right when they were walking down the stairs onto the stage. they opened with 'step into the light', and it kind of went from there. the bass player was having more fun than anyone, it was great. i was surprised how tight they were. they sounded fucking perfect. 'harnessed in slums' was a highlight for me. i really liked 'dead red eyes' where bachman played the keyboard. we were definitely the youngest two people in the crowd. it was strange. everyone was 35 - 40 years old and still cooler than me. they all had i-phones and such it was strange. a lot of them looked like they raided rivers cuomo's closet. i would have liked everyone to be 17 - 22 years old crowd surfing and such, but what can you do. they played two encores it was the coolest. an hour and a half set. it'll be hard for another show to beat that for me. definitely the best thing i've seen all year.


  1. Strange? The band broke up 13 years ago. How old did you think their fans would be?

    They haven't lost a step.