Sunday, June 19, 2011

loughton, the lovely bad things, feeding people, black elephant, pangea @ the lovely bad pad 6.17.11

the lovely bad pad is in la mirada, and all of the bands played in this tiny garage. it was really hot during every set so by the end of the show i didn't care too much anymore. it was a party though and everyone was drinking and such in the backyard which was a lot of fun. definitely an ideal place for shows. this was a burger records night, and it showed. a ton of kids came out. there was no touring band or a real headliner, but still a huge turnout. i'm suprised how many kids have responded to this scene.

loughton played their first show on friday. it was a really quick set, 3 songs and a cover. each song was about a minute and a half, but they were really good. my second favorite set of the night besides pangea. they covered bloodstains by agent orange. it rocked

i haven't seen the lovely bad things in a while. they have played some bigger shows since the last time i've seen them and it shows. they've gotten much better. they played new songs and the new songs sounded good. looking forward to see where these guys go. they're putting out a new tape on burger and going on a west coast tour soon. keep on the lookout for that.

this was the first time i saw feeding people, and they were what i expected. the garage lights kept getting turned off and for some reason i liked them more when the lights weren't on.

pangea was the best band of the night. they fucking rock. straight forward pop punk done really well. they were fun, and if their song writing improves they'll be untouchable.

black elephant kind of disappointed me. i really really like their recordings, but they didn't really sound like that live. they have potential, i hope they live up to it. plus it was way too hot in that garage to be dressed in shirts and ties. you don't have to dress up to play music. who are we kidding?

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