Sunday, June 19, 2011

gnarmageddon fest 2011 at the glasshouse 6.18.11

the first band i saw was resist and exist. they were an anarchist punk band from l.a. i think, and had the only female members of the day. musically they were okay.

jfa played next. it was cool to see them, but i don't know i guess i just didn't care too much. there best song was the charlie brown penuts gang theme song.

sabertooth zombie was my favorite set of the night. but then some girl stepped on the bouncers head before she stage dived, and before he could react her boyfriend did the same thing, and i felt really bad for the bouncer. it was funny though.

ill repute was another old punk band that i wasn't familiar with, and didn't really do much for me.

doa on the other hand rocked. i've never listened to them but joey shithead is a great frontman. he rocks the rock n roll high kick like no one i've ever seen.

agent orange was cool. blood stains rocked. el dorado was good. pipe line was sick.

i think next years fest will be better. i think the glasshouse said they're never doing another punk show.

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