Friday, May 6, 2011

joyce manor / big kids 7"

joyce manor have two songs. the first one is a new jam called "new in this light". coming in at 1:17 it's got a catchy chorus: 'i can't see nothing new in light oahh oahh". it could of easily fit on the full length. their second song is a murder city devils cover of "midnight service at the mutter museum". they completely made the song their own. they skipped the intro, cut the organ, added vocal harmonies, and sped up the tempo at the end. i really really like it. big kids have one song called 'pig through a python'. the intro is some world war 2 sound clip about the atomic bomb that would have easily fit on a desaparecidos song. musically it's a little heavier song for big kids. not my favorite, but good nonetheless. the joyce manor side is definitely stronger. my 7" came on a cool lime green color. cool bands. cool songs. cool record. split release between solidarity records and brick gun records.

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