Monday, May 9, 2011

the underground railroad to candyland - know your sins

know your sins! punk ALBUM OF THE YEAR! maybe . . . ? this has been a long time coming. it feels like forever ago that bird roughs came out. and 'jimmy v' has been on the internets for a while now, but it was worth the wait. 15 tracks in 35 minutes this absolutely flies by. the underground railroad to candyland are definitely my favorite present-day straight up punk band. they have surpassed off with their heads. urtc wins. this album is so fun. 'animals! run!' feels like a race, and i feel out of breath just listening to it. 'my number's on the stall' might be my favorite track on the album. 'and you think you can tame me' has the best guitar solo/intro. i also really like the closer: '2010 reprise.' this is out now on recess on 7 different colors each representing one of the deadly sins. grab it HERE. enjoy!

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