Sunday, May 29, 2011

ceremony, iron lung, extortion, punch @ 924 gilman 5.28.11

i went to the pyramid brewery and missed negative standards. i got to gilman right when punch was starting. this is my second time seeing them. last time the lead singer, megan, had a broken leg and her stage presence was still good, but last night they killed it. i really like this band a lot. toast played guitar for them, but not for ceremony. extortion played next. i fucking hated their frontman. if their bass player had been their frontman i would have liked them a lot more. iron lung was a two piece hardcore band. the drummer did most of the singing, it was cool, but by that time the show was running way too late, and i didn't want to be there anymore. that changed when ceremony came on. it was all worth it. they opened with 'sick' and went right into 'he-god-has favored our undertakings'. i still like singing "i've got a lot of problems, i'm a fucked up kid" with a room full of people. nothing really beats that. the ended with 'doldrums'. it was a great set. this was my last show at gilman while living in berkeley. i'm pretty bumbed. i'll be back soon though.

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