Friday, May 7, 2010

i was a teenage anarchist - video

when i first started hanging out with my 'punk' friends, i still listened to mostly indie rock. they did not want to listen to the get up kids and desaparecidos, and i had no interest listening to the varukers and 46 short. there was not a lot we could agree on, so we usually wound up compromising by listening to ska.

it was the summer of 2005 when i first heard sink florida sink and was blown away. while i was working at dairy queen, someone was kind enough to burn me a copy of the acoustic e.p. about a month later jason asked me if i had heard this band called against me! i said i had. he burned me a copy of as the eternal cowboy and i became a fan for life.

without against me! my knowledge of bands like crass or discharge would have probably been non-existent. they even opened me up to bands like the young pioneers and thankfully to plan-it-x records. against me! always brings the best up and coming punk bands with them on their headlining tours. they have turned me onto a ton of new music. Crime as forgiven by was the first 7" i ever bought, so i have a huge emotional attachment to them.

this was the one band all my friends and i could agree on. being 16 and having a band like against me! was one of the most important things that happened to me. it was the perfect gateway band for getting into punk. it was exactly what i needed. i haven't been too stoked on them in a couple of years. everyone pretty much blew off new wave, myself included. yet, their new single, i was a teenage anarchist, is something special. it's really good. if this is an indication of the rest of the album, we're all in for a treat. plus the video is pretty awesome. it's directed by Marc Klasfeld. enjoy:

"I Was A Teenage Anarchist"

Against Me! | MySpace Music Videos

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