Sunday, May 9, 2010

the henry clay people @ the fillmore sf 5/8/2010

i believe last night was my fifteenth hcp show. the fillmore is this absolutely incredible venue. the walls are filled with posters of past shows: a hall of fame, almost. as you walk up the stairs, there's a big bucket of apples that greet you at the top. i'm not really sure why, but i sure as hell had one. the sound at the venue is awesome, it is easily the nicest place i have ever seen them play.

when they came out on stage, they came out with their original drummer eric, which was really cool to see him back with the band. they opened with digital kid and went right into fine print. their setlist was a good mixture of newer and older songs. it was nice to see them play rock and roll has lost its teeth. slow burn is currently stealing the set for me. andy has lead vocals on a new slow ballad, which is really good. they ended with working part time and seemed to have won over the drunken drive by truckers fans by the end of their set.

drive by truckers fans are easily the strangest group of people i've ever met. it's a really weird mixture of drunken thirty year olds, fifty year old country fans and the random teenage indie rocker. dbt had really cool artwork on stage, but i didn't catch any of their set.

andy invited me back and insisted i finish their bottle of jack. i was hammered within five minutes. there were a few drunken promises made. one of which was if roman candles ever headlines the glasshouse, vallejo by knife has to open and play a twenty minute set.

thanks to todd for the directions home. i had to stop at every other bart station to take a piss, and wound up catching the last ride back to berkeley. it was a really perfect night. probably my last show of the semester. i can't think of any other way i'd rather end my first year at berkeley. started the year with some free modest mouse and ended it with some free henry clay people. thank you san francisco.

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