Thursday, May 6, 2010


when i started roman candles with riley, so much of what we did was based on the ethic that plan-it-x had, and the ideas of chris johnston. plan-it-x taught me way more about punk and diy then sst or dischord ever will. it was and has been diy for my generation. something everyone should aspire to and look up to. "if it ain't cheap, it ain't punk"- arguably the most meaningful thing i've learned in the last five years, and something i've taken to heart.

this label has meant so much to so many people, myself included. next summer plan-it-x will come to an end with its 100th release, and a festival titled 'the end of the world fest.' that is where i will be july 2011. i'm sad to see it go, but the future looks bright. you can read about it here.

or for those of you to lazy to click on the link:

Hi, So, As promised, it's May 5th and I have the final answer on PIX FEST. The answer is NO. Sorry. The reasons are: 1. There is no electricy in the park (it was damaged by a flood) and although we could us a generator for the stage, I think it would be unsafe to have a dark and powerless campground. 2. The city council said they would be mailing me a contract (many weeks ago) that would detail what I needed to provide. I still haven't gotten it and I think it's too late to book a fest. Some of the things they mentioned that I would have to provided include, bathrooms, security and insurance for the event. I've done some research and all of these things will cost a lot of money, making the benefit aspect of the fest a waste of time. I wouldn't want to have a fest just for the sake of having one. I would want it to raise a lot of money for a good cause, that is the only reason PIX fest has ever happened. So, sadly, there will be no PIX FEST this year. Sorry. But, ...

There will be one next summer. It will be one of the last big fests before the end of the world. I'm calling it, THE END OF THE WORLD FEST. It will also be the end of PIX records. I plan to release PIX #100 which will be the book, "Free Pizza For Life", the story of Samantha and I stealing pizza and starting a DIY punk label on the day of the fest. The book will come with a DATA DVD with all the PIX music ever released. Why? because I don't want to be a dinosaur. CD sales are dropping like crazy, people don't want them anymore. I know LP sales are up and people love records, but, that doesn't include CDs. Most of all, I set out to start a budget label that sold CDs cheap, so I don't want to tarnish the name of PIX by releasing LPs and selling them for higher prices. I've thought about this a lot and I'm not sad. I plan on starting a new label when PIX is done that releases nice looking, unique LPs, cassettes and comic books. So anyway, I hope to see you all at END OF THE WORLD FEST sometime in JULY 2011 in the midwest. All the cool bands will be playing. It will be a benefit and your ticket price includes your copy of PIX#100. More info soon.

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