Monday, September 7, 2015

Forced Order - Vanished Crusade

Forced Order's Vanished Crusade is their full length debut on Revelation Records. Unlike their 7", which gave the band room to breathe with half of the songs being instrumental tracks, their full length is unrelenting, punishing metallic-hardcore. The songs are short, powerful bursts of energy. The tempos change when they need to keeping the album fresh, and the solos slay. The vocals are brutal, and the drums hit hard. The songs blaze through like a full frontal assault, and it's not until "Ischys" (track 9 of 14), that they give the listener time to think. From there, Forced Order pummels through three more tracks before letting off a little by ending with two instrumental songs, which wraps up the record really well. This is highly recommended for anyone looking for something heavier to get them through the fall. 

You can pick up copies of the lp HERE.

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