Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tiny Lungs - (s/t)

justin conway who has played in the starburst crystal ensemble, and merry christmas finally took it upon himself to front a band, and the world is a better place for it. tiny lungs, his newest project, reminds me of hot water music, and cursive. they have also drawn comparisons to superchunk. it's loud, raw and distorted. it's everything indie-rock should be with a very punk edge.

their debut 5 song self titled e.p. was released by mountain man records and is limited to 100.
the e.p. comes in at 17 minutes starting with it cop heart, the catchiest song on the album. all of the guitar parts are memorable, and i find myself humming them constantly. in all voices persistent, the line, "it's okay to hate summer, sometimes" sticks out in my head. i keep singing it to myself. the e.p. ends with apologies to liberty hill, which is the longest track on the album, highlighting the distorted guitar work that makes tiny lungs one of the most promising new bands to come out in recent memory. but songs aside, the most memorable thing about this band is justin's voice; it's a haunting whining scream - it's beautiful. grab these before they're gone, you'll regret not having one - trust me.