Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pelican Vision - Demo 2010

i had the pleasure of playing a show with jake brown/pelican vision a little over a month ago. two weeks ago he gave me a three song cd-r with his band name written on it in black sharpie. i've listened to it everyday since i got it. it really is that good. in the first song 'parables' jake sings, "if you have a question then i probably don't have an answer/if you have all the answers then i probably won't even bother" before belching "these details are driving me insane." this is the best song on the demo, and an all around quality folk song. the second song 'life long road' has some extremely catchy electric guitar lines, and hooks you in with harmonica that stays in your head for days. the third and final song 'death march' has a little bit of a surf vibe, which i really like. all around this is a pretty amazing introduction to a band that showcases a lot of potential.

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