Monday, August 16, 2010

The Strokes @ Outside Lands 8.14.10

we were listening to the strokes from outside the gates at outside lands, and they sounded really good. after they played 'last night' they walked off stage, and security opened the gates. everyone rushed in when that happened, and the strokes played about a five song encore. it was really cool to see them play, but i would never pay money to see them again. no one in the band really moves on stage, so there set was a little boring. there sound is good, and there songs are catchy so i understand why people love them, but they definitely don't translate well on a mainstage. in my mind, they are not a headlining band. regardless, there is something really special about outside lands and golden gate park. seeing live music there is almost a religious experience; something i'm thankful to have been apart of. it is definitely one of the best locations for a festival, and i would highly recommend going if you've never been.

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