Sunday, August 8, 2010

hot hot heat/ weezer @ the u.s. open 8.7.10

when you've been hanging out in the sun all day waiting for free weezer, i don't care what band you are, you're probably going to be unimpressive. with that said, i don't really like the hot hot heat's lead singers voice. it's annoying. most of their songs sound the same, and the whole time they played i tried to like them, but just really wanted to see weezer. they ended with 'bandages' though which was funny because they kind of made a joke about not playing it at all.

weezer rocked. i had never seen them before, so seeing them for free with 50,000 people on the beach was a treat. they kicked off their set 'hash pipe,' and continued to play hit after hit for the next hour. seeing 'say it ain't so' live was just as amazing as i imagined it would be. rivers is still rocking out, jumping off amps and climbing on whatever he can. they were super entertaining. after playing 'beverly hills' and 'pork and beans' they covered 'kids' by mgmt and then started to cover 'poker face' by lady gaga before ending with 'buddy holly.' they were incredible. there really is not a better band to see for free.

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