Sunday, January 19, 2014

roman candles news

Winter break was really nice. I was able to play six shows. Mark Chen recorded the first two shows that you can download HERE and HERE. You can watch a cover of the replacements' "alex chilton" from the show at the dawghouse on december 30th with bad kids and dogbreth below

marty videotaped a new roman candles song "too fucked to cum" for razorcake at the vlhs on january 6 

Daryl filmed a song from the january 16th show at the freak house with jeff enzor, mitch the champ, and garrett walters

I also recorded 8 new songs with madison woodward that are currently being mastered by andrew schubert. they will be released on a 7" called blacklist the white kid in blackface which will hopefully be out in time for tour this summer. I will be touring to plan-it-x fest with Calvin Jalandoni

Calvin has been there since roman candles started. he was at jeff salisbury's house the day we recorded our first demo tape. he whistles on "hospitals" and sings back-up vocals on our cover of "show me the way to go home" from that demo tape, and that night - after we recorded the first demo, Calvin drove back to UCSD to play our songs on his radioshow "2 Hour Revenge Therapy" on KSDT at the time. Calvin also went on the first roman candles tour, and I'm excited for him to be playing his own songs this time around. 

I also got to finish two songs that Madison and I started recording over two and a half years ago, and finally finished. I am hoping that they will be released as a 7" single. They are full band recordings, and Madison made them sound great. 

My friends and I will be releasing a 7" split with Roman Candles, Fugue, Layman, and Pocketknife. Each band will have one song, and that should ideally be out by the end of the summer before I leave for the Peace Corps. 

I dropped off some lp's and 7"s at Amoeba Berkeley today, and restoked Amoeba Hollywood and Vinyl Solution over break as well. 

The new issue of the stowaways is also available. Daryl filmed a commercial for it, that was improvised on the spot. you can check that out HERE

Before I wrap up I'm playing a show at the Birdhouse in Arcata with Gunsafe and Robber's Roost on February 8th that I'm pretty excited about. I think that's all for now. The artwork and pressing info tba shortly. 

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  1. Interview with Chris from Roman Candles up now on diy4lyfe. luv you stowaways!