Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Roman Candles January 2014 shows

Roman Candles is playing a few shows coming up in January.

January 6 at VLHS with Dogbreth, Benny the Jet Rodriguez, and Moon Bandits. 
Facebook link HERE

January 10 at house show in Huntington Beach. 
Address is 17331 Elsinore Ct. Huntington Beach
with Lucas Chemotti, Struck Out, Olivas, Nathan Bighell, and Deerling
facebook event HERE

January 16 at a house in Highland Park
Address is 362 North Ave. 57
Los Angeles, CA 90042
with Jeff Enzor (Merry Christmas acoustic), Garrett Walters, and Mitch the Champ
Garrett and Mitch are both on Plan-it-X and have new records out that came out this year. They're on tour from Bloomington Indiana. Please come and support. 
facebook event HERE.

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