Friday, February 4, 2011

yi - at home +5

i finally got my hands on a copy of this tape. i guess only 40 were made. yi is a kind of lo-fi surf rock/punk band with really heavy rock n' roll parts. the first song 'singing arc' builds for a minute and a half before the vocals finally kick in and when they do it fucking rocks. musically, it sounds pretty dark, but at the same time has a total surf vibe. 'golden pouch' sounds like lo-fi early 90's indie rock. the vocals sound really cool, but it's definitely the guitar tones that give this band its extra kick. '(when i grow up i'm gonna be a) selfish scientist' is my favorite song on the demo. this tape is totally worth having. i'm not sure how many more are left floating around. i got my copy from brick gun records, whom i believe are putting it out as s 12". you can also download it for free from the band here.

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