Saturday, February 5, 2011

ordstro, koalacaust, duke nukem forever, big kids @ the serra bowl 2.4.11

last night i took the bart to colma with a few friends, and drank the whole way there. we showed up early and walked to the in and out, which i haven't had in a while. got a double double, then walked back to the bowling alley and continued drinking. the serra bowl is one of the coolest places i've been to to see a show in a while. not a mention a show i was really stoked on. ran into some friends. ramez from calculator was their and barry and matt from joyce manor drove up for the weekend to hang out with the dnf kids. it was rad to see those dudes.

ordstro played first. i had never seen them before, and i wasn't familiar with any of their music, but i've been seeing their name on a bunch of flyers lately. i'm really glad we got their early. they are a powerviolence band. they rocked. their lead singer played saxophone on a song. their set was only like 10 minutes though. super short.
koalacaust played next and the more familiar i become with their songs the more i like them. this was definitely the most that i've enjoyed them. i thought they played great. they opened with indian summer. they played the new songs off the upcoming big kids split thats coming out on mountain man records. great set. i'm sorry the picture sucks.
duke nukem forever was a lot of fun. this was my first dnf show, and it was great. kids went off for them, and there were a lot of kids who seemed to know almost every word to a lot of their songs. i was impressed. i really enjoyed their set. i would see them again.
before big kids started jason said, "man if i was in high school, and i came to this show i would think that this was the coolest thing i'd ever been to," and with that they played a pretty perfect set full of new and old songs. i'm in love with this band. i think romantic comedy dude is the best song they've written. i love it. all in all it was a pretty perfect night.

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