Sunday, December 12, 2010

royal monsters, street eaters, jason white, judgement day & andrew jackson jihad @ 924 gilman st. 12/12/10

there was a matinee show at gilman today. royal monsters played first. they were on tour with andrew jackson jihad from arizona. they were cool and sounded really good. they had three guitar players. solid hardcore with long instrumental parts. they were really well practiced. their stops and starts were pretty solid.
street eaters played second. they are a drum and bass duo. they were really fun to watch. they played pop punk and handed out lyrics sheets for everyone before they started which was pretty funny. i really like them, and would totally recommend checking them out.
as soon as jason white started playing about six or seven middle aged women rushed to the front of the stage and started dancing for them. it was honestly the funniest thing i have ever seen. musically they were really solid rock 'n' roll. i would have loved them if i hadn't been laughing at their demographic the whole time.
judgement day played fourth. they were the best band of the night. they really stole the show. they were a three piece that played cello, violin and drums. their drummer had a double bass pedal. i guess they are traditionally a metal band, but have recently gone acoustic. it was amazing. at one point in their set they said the next song is a cover and if anyone can guess what video game it's from we'll give you a free e.p. pretty much as soon as it started my friend manny screamed PUNCH OUT, and sure enough he got a free e.p. it was one of the funniest things i've ever witnessed.
andrew jackson jihad played the hits. they did not disappoint. i really miss them. i wish i could see them more. they opened with truckers are the blood and then went into brave as a noun, survival song, bad bad things, before taking a breather. they played a lot of 'people' and a lot of 'can't maintain'. they ended with a neil young cover. all in all it was a pretty amazing set.

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