Tuesday, December 28, 2010

favorite records of the year

this is by no means a best of. there was too much that i didn't listen to that i wish i had. with that in mind, these were my favorite records of 2010.

1. titus andronicus - the monitor
2. ceremony - rohnert park review here
3. big kids - hoop dreams review here
4. paul baribeau - unbearable review here
5. radars to the sky - supra/infra review here
6. nana grizol - ruth
7. cold war kids - behave yourself e.p.
8. the deadly syndrome - nolans volans
9. the splinters - kick review here
10. the henry clay people - somewhere on the golden coast review here

honorable mentions:
i thought the moses campbell album was great. i loved the tiny lungs e.p's. the joyce manor/summer vacation split was awesome. and joyce manor's constant headache was incredible.

fuck me:
i still need to buy no age's and abe vigoda's new albums. if i had listened to them i'm sure they would have made my top ten. i also didn't listen to the new wavves, best coast, arcade fire, le switch and nails albums - i'm sure i would have loved them all. i'll get to it.

here's a list of 2008.
here's a list of 2009.

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