Monday, May 24, 2021

Razorcake Issue #122 Reviews Listen Up!


Razorcake Issue #122 reviewed The Stowaways Presents: Listen Up! A Benefit For Democracy Now!

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Listen Up!: A Benefit for Democracy Now!: LP

This is the kind of bridging I like to see! A convergence of some of my favorite writers, artists, and musicians in independent/punk/DIY/anti-commercial/whatever     showing their appreciation for my favorite independent news outlet! Chris of The Stowaways and Roman Candles has spearheaded this project and the final product exceeds all expectations. With art by Sophia Zarders, an intro by Donna Ramone, and musical contributions by Todd C., Pretty Flowers, Albert Square, Layman, Tom Grrrl, and a dozen more, how could you not love it!? Even if this benefit comp generates zero income for DN!, as merely a listener who had nothing to do with this release, I like to look at this comp as a thank you and a happy 25th birthday from DIY to all the bad asses at Democracy Now! who every twenty-four hours churn out another epic hour of the best reporting you'll find. Can we call volume two The Gwar and Peace Report? - Daryl (The Stowaways)


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