Monday, May 1, 2017

Razorcake reviews "Blacklist" tape

Razorcake reviewed the new Roman Candles cassette, "Blacklist the White Kid in Blackface"
You can buy a copy online HERE

When I listen to Christopher Gordon (aka Roman Candles), I’m transported to a specific time and place: I’m seventeen years old, strumming a shitty pawnshop guitar in a punk house half-filled with crusties and college dropouts. Gordon has performed only moments before me. He was brave enough to sing, in his plaintive vocal trill, achingly sincere songs about growing up in Yorba Linda, while I couldn’t at the time muster the courage to write lyrics that actually meant something. All of these years later, Gordon still percussively strums his guitar and belts straight from the heart. And I’m still envious. “The Suburbs” is the song I’ve always wanted to write about growing up in a cookie-cutter neighborhood. “Thanksgiving Break” is painfully honest, tackling sex, drinking, small talk, and the emptiness of longing; while “Mike Love” is a cover of a Merry Christmas song—you know, the greatest indie rock band you may never get to hear. A world without Roman Candles cassettes is a world I don’t want to live in; I only hope I can continue to find a working player. –Sean Arenas (Self-released,

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