Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It Came From Plan-It-X Comp.

Roman Candles is going to be on this really great comp. The song, "house show" which I recorded with Garrett La Bonte on a four-track at the beginning of the summer is gonna be on this awesome comp with other awesome bands including: 

YOUR HEART BREAKS (animated queer indy pop from WA)
FREE CAKE FOR EVERY CREATURE (magical pop from Philly/NY)
GHOST MICE (folk punk)
LOOMING (pop punk with looming undertones)
GARRETT WALTERS (queer folk from bloomington)
EMPEROR X (experimental electronic traditional folk music)
SUPER FAMICOM (only H.P. Lovecraft could explain this band)
SPOONBOY (political folk from DC)
MARTHA (pop punk's playing pop from the UK)
SPOOK SCHOOL (jangly indy pop from the UK)
COTTONTAIL (NC poppy folk members of Ramshackle Glory)
ROMAN CANDLES (solo peace core punk from CA)
BOOGDISH (sharp-comedy-to-true-punk from Bloomington)
DOGBREATH (pop music made by punks from AZ)
MITCH THE CHAMP (gnome rock from WA/Bloomington)
Super stoked to be a part of this thing. You can donate to the Kickstarter by clicking HERE

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