Sunday, March 16, 2014

Chummer Mag Kickstarter

Hey everybody my friend Ben asked me to share this. He is starting a magazine, and he'd like your support. He use to write this blog, Classical Geek Theatre, which is the only reason why I ever started my own blog, which I guess is now the reason why I do the zine. I wish I could link ya'll to his old blog, but Ben is an idiot and deleted all his old content. But back in the day, Classical Geek Theatre wrote show reviews of all the 21+ shows that my underage ass couldn't attend. He covered the echo park / silverlake scene extensively, and turned me onto quite a few of the l.a. bands I still listen to today. Bands like manhattan murder mystery, death to anders, the happy hollows, and the deadly syndrome, were all covered on CGT. He also turned me onto Troma, specifically the Toxic Avenger, comic books, specifically The Watchman, and football, specifically the Indianapolis Colts. Just kidding, football still sucks. But check out this video, and support if you can. The kickstarter link is HERE.

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