Saturday, December 1, 2012

HUBY reviews Roman Candles Gracious Living 7"

Huby issue 2 has a review of the new roman candles 7" gracious living b/w yellow smile.

Roman Candles: 2 song ep; Gracious Living, Yellow Smile

I've never listened to Roman Candles. I've never seen them live (acoustic or full band). So I was excited to hear this vinyl. This two song ep derives from deep Folk Punk influences about one's surrounding environment. After a couple listens, I really fell in love with Yellow Smile. It's a fun song that has a really cool guitar line. It's pretty rad. As for the first song (gracious living), well there just wasn't anything special to have me reciting it in my head. The same goes for the paper fold. I don't really care about appearances but almost the entire package is red. Next time I would add some different colors to entertain the eyes. It's still a good introduction to the band and I can't wait to hear more songs in the future.

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