Tuesday, November 6, 2012

terminal boredom reviews 'this one's for terminal boredom'

Terminal Boredom reviewed the most recent roman candles tape.

Roman Candles "This One's for Terminal Boredom" cassette
When I last left the Roman Candles, Christopher had just graduated and told me that that he had sent their last tape for review. End of story, thank god. But the kid is a liar and has also name dropped us in the title of their latest and greatest. Thanks a lot bud. Just make sure to remember me if you become the next Mountain Goats or whoever. This one is all acoustic whimpering, recorded in a post-college depression. My only advice this time is, yes there is life after college, but you sound like a total pussy here. Get tough buddy. You live in SoCal, I want you to go to the Burger Records shop and hang with those dudes, get some trim, party and take some notes on what they're doing. They can help you out of your funk, I'm sure, and also show you how to make tapes that will sell. Power pop, pizza punk, surf garage, whatever, you just gotta do something other than this...(RK)
(self-released // fuckthestowaways.blogspot.com)

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