Thursday, August 16, 2012

MRR reviews the stowaways issue #9

Maximum Rocknroll #352 - Sep -  2012
reviewed the stowaways issue #9. i don't have any more copies, but this is definitely one of the best interviews i've done. and if you can borrow it from a friend, or find it somewhere i would hunt it down.

8.5 X 11 - copied - 12 pgs
Guy who loves hard rockin', uses ALL CAPS for GREAT EMPHASIS and seems a little unsure in his tone. (I want you to find thyself, man. And maybe it's in the show reviews. The show review format allows you to really shine, saying what you really feel and shit.) He interviews Justin Conway of the band Tiny Lungs, for six full-sized pages, about growing up, music, about being gay as fuck in high school, about later when he was just pretending and says 'no homo' when saying he was inlove with his friend Brian. And Connor Oberst. Who knows, right? Glad Mr. Zine puts his foot down about not reviewing CDRs. Kinda makes the record review section truly succinct. Like this: "they are just non-stop rockin', they're kind of a metal band, and then not, they're kind of a straightforward rock'n'roll band, and then not...just be prepared to have your face melted." Maybe the best thing about it is that it arrived with a significant amount of the corner ripped off, so I have to supplement parts of the writing with whatever I want. (JB).
5082 Wendover Road / Yorba Linda, CA 92886

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