Thursday, January 19, 2012

MRR reviews the stowaways issue #3

Maximum Rocknroll #345-FEB-2012
reviewed the stowaways issue number three. pick up a copy.

THE STOWAWAYS #3 / $? ppd /
8.5 X 11 - copied - 10 pgs

This is a very short music zine featuring interviews with Loughton and Summer Vacation plus a handful of album reviews. The interviews suffer a bit from a disorienting layout, but the Loughton interview is particularly funny. It reads like a half-baked discussion of food and music between a group of witty high-schoolers. The Summer Vacation interview could use some heavy editing, most of the discussion is borderline useless and not particularly compelling, but at one quarter of the length it wouldn't be such a bore. The record reviews are earnest, but lackluster. If the best parts of this zine were isolated, they would probably fill about four pages, and it would be a great start. (SL) Sam Lefebvre

5082 Wendover Rd / Yorba Linda CA / 92886

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