Sunday, January 25, 2015

Slingshot Reviews The Stowaways Issue #16

Slingshot reviewed issue #16 of The Stowaways.

The Stowaways Summer 2014 Yorba Linda
5082 Wendover Rd. Yorba Linda CA 92886

A chronicle of the punk scene with emphasis on people activated by the DIY side of it. It has up till now been covering the dispersed LA area. In this issue the editor has relocated to the Humboldt area of Northern California - and surprise surprise, there is a healthy and vibrant scene to be found there. The amount of shows each issue records is impressive. A bit more elaboration on the bands' sound and message could further the cause here. Also what makes this kind of journalism alive is vivid descriptions of the characters that populate the shows - which Stowaways could use more of. The zine is starting to look sharper since its early issues with large photos to spark the imagination. Also to keep you seated is interviews and reviews all of it done with care. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Growing Up is Dumb

My friend Lucas made this documentary about growing up is dumb festival from last summer. I meant to post this months ago, but life has been busy. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Razorcake reviews "Yorba Linda b/w Crystal Cathedral" 7"


Chris Gordon is not simply an angry punk who writes about what he sees on the news. This two-song seven inch is a testament to that. The short essay on the insert makes all the difference by not simply throwing music into the world expecting the listeners to interpret it correctly, but rather putting the effort to explain, “This is why I made this.” Gordon is honest; he pulls from his life experience admitting his disappointments with his hometown as well as the reluctance with which he leaves it. While the lyrics themselves—sung in strained pleads that were too lacking in definitive melody—did not stir radical feelings of rebellion in my chest, the context they were presented in won me over.  –Ashley (Self-released,,

Monday, September 29, 2014

MRR reviews Roman Candles "Riley Versus Jason In the Battle of Gracious Living"

MRR Issue #377 Oct. 2014 Reviewed Roman Candles "Riley Versus Jason in the Battle of Gracious Living

ROMAN CANDLES Riley Versus Jason In the Battle of Gracious Living - Angsty, entirely acoustic folk pop. Like if MODEST MOUSE were beat up in an alley and still will not stop playing. Getting political satire is best when sung earnestly. Check out TOM PAXTON's album One Million Lawyers and Other Disasters. I preferred the softer ELLIOT SMITH style guitars and softer voice that still carries a sense of humor. That thing that contemporary acoustic folk guys do with their voice to sound, oddly quirky and charming? Yeah, don't do that. Be Yourself. First song second side about cuddling on the couch alone and smelling a memory at the mall or something? That had a sensitive touch. Can someone hand me a DISCLOSE record please? Hand me something maximum. The hippies lost, ROMAN CANDLES. Get a band, sir! (Jason) (14-song cassette, lyrics included, 

You can buy the LP from No Idea HERE.  or K Records HERE
and the cassette tape from Avocado HERE
and for digital download click HERE

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kali Comp II

I realized I never posted about this, but I recorded a song with Garrett La Bonte on his 4-track this summer, and my friends Nik Soelter and Mark Chen put out a compilation tape with a bunch of bands from California on it. You can check out my song HERE. And you can pick up a tape from Mark over at KYEO SPEAKS

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Roman Candles Interview with Razorcake

Before I left for the Peace Corps, my good friend Sean Arenas asked me to do an interview with him for Razorcake. You can read it by clicking the link HERE.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It Came From Plan-It-X Comp.

Roman Candles is going to be on this really great comp. The song, "house show" which I recorded with Garrett La Bonte on a four-track at the beginning of the summer is gonna be on this awesome comp with other awesome bands including: 

YOUR HEART BREAKS (animated queer indy pop from WA)
FREE CAKE FOR EVERY CREATURE (magical pop from Philly/NY)
GHOST MICE (folk punk)
LOOMING (pop punk with looming undertones)
GARRETT WALTERS (queer folk from bloomington)
EMPEROR X (experimental electronic traditional folk music)
SUPER FAMICOM (only H.P. Lovecraft could explain this band)
SPOONBOY (political folk from DC)
MARTHA (pop punk's playing pop from the UK)
SPOOK SCHOOL (jangly indy pop from the UK)
COTTONTAIL (NC poppy folk members of Ramshackle Glory)
ROMAN CANDLES (solo peace core punk from CA)
BOOGDISH (sharp-comedy-to-true-punk from Bloomington)
DOGBREATH (pop music made by punks from AZ)
MITCH THE CHAMP (gnome rock from WA/Bloomington)
Super stoked to be a part of this thing. You can donate to the Kickstarter by clicking HERE